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Are you a coach that wants to break into the lucrative speaking business?

Would you like to be able to craft a five figure presentation?

Do you want to take your speaking career to the next level?

The good news is it is possible

You can earn a six figure income from your chosen occupation, and we have the people to show you how

The Speaker Summit Online Course:

Filmed on location in Croke Park, Ireland – the event recorded an incredible 1,560,000 impressions on Twitter –it certainly had the www talking!

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Speakers include

50 + Key Takeaways from this online master class in Jumpstarting your Speaking Career:

David Newman – Speaker Marketing Guru

1. The importance of focusing on the one thing that you live, breathe , sleep all day long.
2. The need to create your own unique lens on your niche.
3. How “No” is the appropriate strategy in the context of building your business.
4. Has your expertise got the GNW factor?
5. Whether or not you need a book to succeed in the speaker business?
6. What is your tangible source of excellence?
7. The what not to do when producing a video.
8. How the context in which they see you is the context in which they set you.
9. How to deal with the poverty conversation in negotiation?
10. What questions you need answered before you talk fees?
11. What type of marketing works best for you?

Patrick McKeown

12. How he developed a worldwide business on a €5000 budget.
13. Why you shouldn’t dismiss the entrepreneurs language – your gut.
14. How to craft a six figure advance proposal – Pat shares his with the audience.
15. The importance of selling results – the key to unlocking the market.
16. Cost/Benefit analysis of Self v Traditional Publishing.
17. Where to access quality suppliers at minimal cost
18. How to become an in the moment speaker?
19. How many of your daily thoughts are distracting and repetitive?
20. Why stress and focus can’t co-exist.
21. How to unleash your creativity and transcend mind clutter.
22. The Power of Now!

Kevin Kelly

23. Four key questions that will define your speaker career.
24. The need to focus on xceptional execution as a working philosophy.
25. How to engage an audience in an attention deficit market.
26.The three M’s underpinning speaking excellence.

27.The power of your personal story.

28.How to read an audience and what to do when there is a problem in the room.

29.The importance of building a constructive community around you that will help you see!

30.What speaker’s bureaux are looking for?

31.How knowledge can get in the way of you building a speaking empire?

32.How to write a best selling book in a new niche with a “D” grade in English and no background in writing?

33.The five word strategy that will help build your brand worldwide.

Aoife McCrum

34.Facebook profile – marketing opportunities that people are missing.

35.Facebook Advertising – how and why it works.

36.Twitter profile – here’s what you should be looking for.

37.Twitter polls and their conference application

38.The Hashtag advantage.

39.Cross Platform Integration – how you do it

David Thomas

45.Want to hone your speaking skills – take 50.

46.Why every gig is a good gig when starting off?

47.How to set your price – David shares an indepth pricing model.

48.The potential of association marketing?

49.The importance of a mastermind network.

50.How to dramatically improve your memory and lose those notes.

Here’s what people are saying

  • “I had no idea what to expect! Speakers speaking to Speakers about speaking was what I understood the Speaker Summit was likely about. Boy, was I wrong. Don't get ME wrong - it WAS that...and so much more besides! The quality from the podium was, as expected, world class, but it was at least equally matched in terms of the interaction within the audience. I have no doubt that friendships and collaborations were begun that will sprout in a major way in years to come. Lives were changed. I cannot wait for Summit 2017.”
    Colm O'Brien
    Founder Carambola, Author Feeding Johnny and Colm O'Brien
  • "A great conference at the Speaker Academy last week. Inspirational and practical advice for speakers and professionals alike, a 5 time ROI on the investment of time. Looking forward to next year’s academy."  
  • "I had the pleasure of attending the Speakers Summit in Croke Park ( Dublin) on Friday 19th February . This was an amazing day, it was fun, it was educational, it was value. The expertise was the attraction, the outcome was immediately taking actions to implement the learning. The sad part: It flew-would I do it again? ...YES!"
    Ciaran Moore DTM
    Certified World Class Speech Coach
  • “I rarely have time to attend conferences or summits and when I do, often 90% of the content is interesting but not directly relevant. That said, Kevin Kelly’s speaker summit was the very best use of my time and money. No question. I have 12 pages of notes from the day and met many inspiring speakers and delegates. Count me in for next year’s event”
  • "The Speaker Summit organised by Kevin Kelly and his team was very rewarding for me personally. I brought home ideas and a greater clarity of thinking about my role and its positioning that has enabled me to be much more focused and effective in getting key messages across. I can't wait for next years event". Geoff Dooley, founder of XLVets Skillnet (winner of the 2016 IITD award for Best Learning & Development Organisation - Networks & Groups) ---



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