Are you a coach that wants to break into the lucrative speaking business?

Would you like to be able to craft a five figure presentation?

Do you want to take your speaking career to the next level?

The good news is it is possible

You can earn a six figure income from your chosen occupation, and we have the people to show you how


The Speaker Summit

Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland Feb 19th 8am - 6pm and beyond!

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Speakers include

Here's what you will learn on the day:


You will learn the one major mistake I made in 20 years + in the Speaker business and how to use this learning to bring your career to the next level.

2. How to get booked by Speaker Bureaus?

You will learn the A-Z of what Speaker Bureaus are looking for and how to build and sustain a relationship with them? Also we are currently undertaking research with some select SB and will be sharing the results at the Summit.

3. The one secret to developing a successful speaking career and how to get there?

You will learn why top speakers consistently receive top rankings at events across the globe which results in a continuous demand for their services.

4. How to develop a “million dollar website” ?

You will learn the secrets of designing a top website from some of the biggest names in the industry. AND even more importantly how to conduct an SEO campaign on a shoestring and push your site up the rankings for your keywords.

5. How to leverage the power of publicity to accelerate your income?

You will learn how to position yourself as an expert and get those journalists knocking on your door.

6. Books – the new Speaker’s Business Card!

You will see the brief used by our speaker to secure A SIX FIGURE advance from one of the biggest publishers in the world. Furthermore you will learn the merits/demerits of self publishing v traditional. And as an extra bonus we will show you how to execute all the elements of publishing at a cost you didn’t think was possible!

7. Social Media – its role in getting business.

You will hear first hand from one of the most important Linkedin Partners worldwide on how you can leverage this network for maximum effect.

8. Memorise your speech for maximum impact.

You will learn in a fun session from the World Memory champion himself how to remember those finer details and double your impact.

9. Manage those nerves and make your message stick.

You will learn how to be in the moment and deliver with clarity and empathy.

10. FEES please – what to charge and the power of free?

The three speakers come together in fireside chat style to address this key issue.

11. What’s your story?

In an attention deficit market you need a compelling story to engage the audience – what’s yours?

12. Pitch perfect.

For a few very lucky participants the chance to pitch in a most historic location and stand in the footsteps of greats!

13. Speaker Marketing Mix

The thirteen P's that will determine the success of your speaking career.

Your challenges.

Whatever issues are raised in the original application form will be addressed by the speakers throughout the day #thisweguarantee



Investment = less than the price of an average keynote
Can you afford to miss it?

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